Since 1994, Milby Law Offices has been dedicated to providing our clients with quality legal representation. We strive to develop effective solutions, tailored to your individual needs and provide comprehensive, reliable guidance for our clients.



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Milby Law Offices, P.A., located in Rose Hill and Wichita, Kansas, has extensive experience helping clients find effective solutions. Attorney Dana Milby has been practicing in the areas of bankruptcy and collections since 1992.

Being a family business, we feel that direct client relationship is important and our attentive personnel will be glad to assist you through your tough times.

We encourage you to call us directly at 316-267-8677 or fill out our form online.  We will gladly call you at your convenience.










Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 
Debt free by
 Discharge of unsecured debt

Eliminate most unsecured debt 
Including credit card bills, medical expenses, judgments against you and even some taxes. 

Automatic Stay
Creditors must stop all collection activity and any communications will go through us instead. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Debt free by
Repayment plan to creditors

Re-structure tax obligations, protect individuals from their creditors and any related situation

Retain Ownership

Approved 3-5 year payment plans including the benefit of keeping your house, cars and relieving the debt harassment.

Free Consultation


---- 3 phase Process ---- 

Gathering process
Fill out questionaire, explanation and information.

Review questions and prepare case for submission.

Review, sign paperwork and file the case.



Let us help you with Debt Settlements !! 

A High Level of Personal Attention and Service :

-We will help develop a plan of action
-We will help negotiate through the toughest situations
-Sleep easier knowing that we have your back
-We take the necessary steps to ensure the correct proceedures are followed Legally



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Seek legal recourse to collect what's due !! 

Dana Milby is a current member and former President of the Wichita Credit Attorneys Association and in 2012 served as president of the Kansas Credit Attorneys Association. We understand the unique concerns and goals of creditors today

A High Level of Personal Attention and Service :

-We will oversee the collection of your debt or recovery of collateral.
-We personally review all collection cases on a regular basis.
-We will manage collection efforts for you.
-We take the necessary steps to enforce that judgment, including identifying and recovering property, or obtaining cash value for the property.



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