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We have been designated by the U.S. Congress to be a Debt Relief Agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy.

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Before your case can be filed, the law requires that you take a credit counseling class and obtain a Certificate of Completion.  

Below are options for places where you can take your class.  Options include in person classes, online classes and phone classes.  You are free to choose whichever option you prefer. 

Be sure to have your certificate of completion of credit counseling e-mailed to:

Summit Financial Education Inc
Internet Only Course
Hours: Mon to Sun 6am to 7pm
Cost: $9.95 Internet
Phone Assistance: 800-780-5965

Internet Only Course                  
Hours: 24/7
Cost: $25.00
Attorney Code: ACC88044
Phone Assistance: 800-516-3834

Consumer Credit Counseling
Phone, In Person, Internet

Wichita Office:                                  Salina Office:
105 S Broadway St 9th Floor         1201 W Walnut St
Wichita, KS                                         Salina, KS
Phone: 316-265-2000                        Phone: 800-279-2227

Hours: Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm
Cost: $50.00 Phone or In Person
Cost: $27.50 Internet

For a complete list of all approved agencies you may go to the U.S. Trustee web site at